Essay Outline

Essay Outline

Generally, an essay is a short writing on a particular topic. There are two types of essays; formal and informal. While the informal essay is characterized by aspects of humor, personal element, unconventional theme and graceful style, formal essays usually have a formal length, logical organization and usually have a serious purpose. School essays are in most cases formal and thus usually have a clearly set essay outline. Skilled essay writers usually use an essay structure as outlined below:

Among the things that should be contained in the first paragraph of an essay are the introductory statements. The work of these is to introduce us to the topic. They give us a background to the topic and what the essay is all about. These are very important in any written school essay. The most important part of the first paragraph is the thesis statement. The purpose of the essay is summed up in the thesis statement. This is usually one sentence and in most cases the last sentence that a student should include in his/her essay. The importance of the thesis statement cannot be understated. It must therefore be captivating in order to motivate one to read and inform the reader about the central point of your essay.

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Writing an essay requires one to start with a premium essay outline. An essay outline format that is well structured helps you present and highlight your thoughts and ideas of the argument in an organized manner. Outlines should guide the student in writing and explaining their points in a clear, coherent, precise, and logical manner. A well-structured essay outline assists students in writing a well-organized and professional academic essay that clearly explains their arguments and recommendations. Students have difficulty writing a well-organized essay thus, they seek professional assignment help from online academic writing companies.

There are different essay outline templates such as using heading with markers or using headers without a marker. The essay outline should start with a title that is commonly placed at the top, followed by other sections and subsections.

Essay outline format sample.

An academic essay usually has or should have a title-topic under consideration/review.

  • Essay Introduction; its forms the first part giving the reader a background or an overview of your work.

A good thesis statement then is incorporated through well formulated sentences that explain the central idea of the paper.

  • Body

Point 1

employ a discussion and analysis of the reliable information

Point 2

-Formulate a methodology and collect reliable data or resources/materials for the study

-Analysis and review of the collected data

  • Conclusion/Summary

This part entails highlighting the main ideas and recommendation achieved from the study and writing the essay findings.

  • References

For proof of the intext quotes; the sources and scholarly and academic sources used are put in a structure manner according to the format eg MLA, APA and Harvard among others.

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