disese and diet

January 16, 2017
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January 16, 2017
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disese and diet

This assignment is an oral presentation in the form of a nutrition education session that is delivered
to the public. This assessment will be performed in groups.
A list of nutrition topics and accompanying description of the target groups will be determined in the
Nutrition Education Presentation
Your presentations are scheduled to occur over 4 practical sessions (from Week 7 to 11). More details
on the profile of the volunteers and the format of the talks will be provided once known.
Once the topics for this ?mini course? have been identified, groups of 3?4 students will be formed to
develop and present the individual topics. Each group of students will have a total of ~30 minutes
(20 min presentation and 10 min question time) to present. The tutorial room facilities will include a
computer and projector and white board.
You will all need to participate in your group?s presentation, with the aim that you each contribute
approximately the same time.
When planning your group?s presentation consider the following:
1. Who the audience will be,
2. The objectives of your session and key points you wish to communicate,
3. How will you engage the audience,
4. How you will communicate these messages to the group (i.e. consider the groups likely level of
nutrition knowledge, education background, your use of technology and format of session),
5. Resources and written material you may wish to provide,
6. How your group will manage the time you have been allocated,
7. How you will evaluate your group?s presentation
this my part you should help me about
Cardiovascular (Hend)
? What it is
? Hypertension
? High cholesterol/atherosclerosis
? Different fats ? what is the difference between them, and why is this important?
? Prevention (Aly)


DASH diet

Mediterranean diet/omega 3

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