Discussing advice on ways not to miss upcoming airdrops

Over one hundred thousand first participants received about 20 million APT tokens through airdrop from the Aptos Foundation the middle of October. Some individuals got the equivalent of six thousand dollars in cryptocurrency by luck.

However, many members of the community either heard about the airdrop way too late or just didn't meet the deadlines for the requirements.

Whether you are one of them and feel bad, keep your head up! Here are three additional exciting airdrops to check out.

1) Sui.

Although the network has previously stated that no airdrops had been scheduled, it appears that there is going to be one. Users of the SUI testnet will soon receive tokens via airdrop from the layer-one chain. Install the extension in your browser for SUI wallet and stuff it with testnet SUI tokens to boost your chances of getting chosen for an airdrop. They can be obtained for free via the SUI faucet or through the SUI Discord server. Return to your SUI Wallet after that, select the "Apps" option, and make an effort to engage with every single one you can.

2) Next is zkSync

Scaling and anonymity are provided through an L2 rollup zkSync for Ethereum. Regarding its prospective airdrop as well as instructions on how to participate, there are numerous rumors in the net.

In essence, you must communicate with the zkSync testnet, carry out certain bridging operations, and communicate with a number of decentralized apps, and wallet service. More information is available via their Twitter channel.

3) Last in the list - BeraChain.

Currently, EVM-compatible Layer ONE BeraChain announced that it would conduct an airdrop for Bera, its own native token. A erc-721 known as non-transferable token could additionally be given away via airdrop.

The airdrop from BeraChain requires a more difficult landing than the two prior ones.

You may begin by buying one of the NFTs contained in the "Bong Bears" collection. This way of acting is assumed to be the easiest one. But keep in mind one important obstacle: their current price is estimated at 115 $ETH, which is not so cheap, is it?

Obtaining a spot on their honeylist, often referred to as a Discord role, is the second way to be eligible for airdrops.

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How can I keep up with impending airdrops?

Below are some straightforward yet useful suggestions that will help you stay informed about impending crypto, NFTs or tokens airdrops.

- Increase your Twitter usage and devote special attention to any updates made by crypto communities and businesses.

- To find fresh opportunities, use hashtags like #airdrop and #giveaway.

- Check out social media and web recources with news about cryptocurrencies.