Culture Perception VS reality, assignment paper

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February 13, 2018
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February 13, 2018
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Culture Perception VS reality, assignment paper

Culture Perception VS reality

This is a observational/reflective paper – no research or sources required. Your writings should come from what you learned in the video on Iran in addition to your own perceptions of the subject.

1. Watch video Rick Steve’s lecture on travel to Iran. Make sure to take observational notes. You will need these to complete assignment.

2. Choose 4 components of culture chapter notes. Write 1 page on each component. Each page will have 2 subjects. Choose four: Aethetics, Values and Attitudes, Manners and Customs, social structure, Religion, Personal Communication, education, Physical and Material Environments.

a. What your perception was of this component in relation to Iran based on what you have heard or seen in the media or through local sources (friends, coworkers, family etc).

b. What is the reality of that component based on what you learned from the video.

3. Write 1-2 pages on the importance of learning about different cultures and developing an understanding of and tolerance for differences. Relate this to the business person trying to develop business in a foreign country.

a. Why is this important to know?

b. How does this affect your business?

c. What are the long term benefits?

d. How does this affect you personally?

Paper is to be typed double spaced. Make sure your name is on it.

Title each section

You should be handing in 5-6 pages. First 4 should be 1 on each culture component and 1-2 should be reflection on why all this is import to an international business manager.

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