Cocoanut Grove Fire.

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October 5, 2017
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October 5, 2017
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Cocoanut Grove Fire.

The FAA has recently come under fire for not establishing better technologies to save the lives of passengers on flights unfortunate enough to experience mid-air collisions. These mid-air collisions are the result of distance closing faster than the airplane can be made to react. A brilliant aerospace engineer has designed a passenger jet that constantly monitors radar signatures for input. It calculates the distance between the plane and any other objects within the plane’s area of concern up to 3 miles away.
Though the plane is agile, it has a threshold of a 10s reaction time. That is to say, the plane can be made to safely avert an object it’s headed for collision with so long as it has at least 10s to react. If the pilot has not reacted within 20s the system begins to prepare itself to react on behalf of the pilot. If the plane cannot react by averting disaster, it will eject all 400 passengers from their seats in a safe “cocoon-like” pod that drifts to the earth below using parachutes. That is to say, if for some reason the time to react, based on the plane’s speed and object’s speed is too short to avert a collision, the plane will launch and and escape sequence to save the passengers.
write a program that receives distance and speed values for the plane and the closest moving object to the plane. The program must calculate the time to impact. If the time to impact, based on the parameters above, is less that 10s then the program will signal the plane to launch the passengers to safety)).
This is kind of an Algebra problem
If you need my book it’s called An Object Oriented Approach to Programming Logic and Design 4th edition by Joyce Farrell.

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