Article Review,

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February 17, 2017
February 17, 2017

Article Review,

Article Review,

For your Article Review, you will research and select a peer-reviewed, scholarly-quality article from a quality web-based resource. You may address any general

administration, management, or leadership subtopic that you find generally addressed in the Peak textbook. This leaves the selection of the general topic of the

article up to you. However, the major focus of the article must be on a relevant justice management, administration, or leadership issue. As an example, if you have an

interest in the corrections area of the general criminal justice field, you may focus your efforts on corrections. However, the article that you review must be on a

management related topic that is within the general scope of the corrections field. Granting you the discretion to pick a specific subject area to research is not an

open invitation to write on any subject that you just happen to like. Keep your focus for this assignment within the general scope of the Administration of Justice

Organizations course.

In your review:

�� Discuss the article���s findings, any ethical dilemmas presented in the article, and how the specific topic relates to a biblical worldview.

�� Ensure that you include information on the article���s title, author, journal, date/edition, and web location. Address how the administrative, management, or

leadership concepts and ideas presented in the article apply to justice administration. In other words, you are telling why this particular article has some merit to

the study of criminal justice administration and how you are making a biblical connection to the content of the article.

�� Your review paper must be 2���3 pages and be double-spaced.

�� Include both a working link that goes directly to the article���s web location and a citation of the article.

�� The article must be less than 5 years old.

�� You must include a brief discussion of at least 2 Bible verses that have a relevant reference to the main theme of the article.

�� Current APA format in the body of the review is required.

Your use of the Jerry Falwell Library or similar library research facilities will be relevant to your successful completion of this assignment. It is highly unlikely

that you will locate appropriate peer-reviewed journals or articles by only using a Google-type search.

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