Film Critique about " Pride" (2014)

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Film Critique about " Pride" (2014)

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Movie:Pride (2014)

Your review need to apply methodology discussed in the two readings, examining how the film engages themes in labour studies and techniques in film studies. Your review should include : solidarity between social movements; LGBTQ issues and the labour movement; the role of women and community support during labour disputes; working-class culture&conservatism.
(Questions you can think about: Why did the LGSM activists in Pride support the mining community? What challenges inhibited solidarity between miners and LGSM activists? Related the ideas in the readings. What is effective about the film? How could the film be more effective? What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the film?)
Two readings:
(1). Leonard Quart, “The Religion of the Market: Thatcherite Politics and the British Film of the 1980s,” in Lester Friedman, ed., Fires Were Started: British Cinema and Thatcherism (Minneapolis: University of Minneapolis Press, 1993), pp. 15-34.
(2). Toronto and York Region Labour Council, Labour Pride: What Have Our Unions Done for Us? (2014).

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